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    We nurture our students to appreciate, love and enjoy dance!

    Everyone can enjoy dancing!

    Singapore Youth Festival 2011 Gold with Honours Award Dance group coached by our ballet mistress Ms Chiam Fei Fei and her choreography has been awarded Gold with Honours award. Congratulations to all our  dance students involved!

    A.D.A. Dance Performance Course (Nov-Dec 2011) & Public  Performance (29-30th December 2011)Ballet Classes Commencing in June/July 2011
    Primary In Dance (Age 6-8)  on Saturdays 9am-10am.
    Pre-school Ballet & Jazz (Age 3-6)
      on Saturdays 10am-10.45am.
    Pre-school Ballet & Jazz (Age 3-6)  on Sundays 9.45am-10.30am.
    Children Ballet II (Age 8-12)  on Saturdays 10.45-12.30pm.
    Adult Beginner Ballet  T.B.C.
    Floor-Barre/ Assouplissement  on Saturdays 12-12.45pm.
    Adult/Youth Ballet  on Saturdays 12.30-2pm/ 3.30pm-5pm.
    Children Ballet I (Age 7-8)  on Saturdays 2-3pm.
    Floor-Barre Body Sculpting
    Kids' Hip Hop  on Mondays 11.30-12.30pm.    Contact us for enrollment.

    A.D.A. SHINE! Dance Concert 2010  It has been a wonderful night of dance! Thank you for your continual support!

    A.D.A. Dance T-shirts!

    See ADA News.

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